Day 1

Day 1 was planned in advance largerly around a discussion of how best to make sure Henry was properly fed.  Henry has been breast fed from the very beginning and rejected recent attempts at feeding from a bottle.  Our plan was to drive Maman to work so that Henry could be fed around 8:00 and then again around 3:00 when the day ended. 

The plan worked, but it resulted in too much time in the Jeep and Henry was clearly exhausted. And, in the end, Henry had absolutely no problem taking the bottle. He enjoyed it, and I guess I could say the same. I told him that he drank his bottle “like a boss” (a phrase made popular a few years ago by SNL) which made him laugh. He laughs at everything and even laughed when I called him a monkey. I guess monkey is our new nickname. One of many including: brighteyes, big forehead, and Boogier (a joke, meant to be prounced in the French way). Monkey is maybe my new favorite.


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