Day 3

Day 3 worked out better than we had planned as Maman was home from work thanks to yet another snow storm. The winter of 2013-2014 will be long remembered for the arctic temperatures and frequent snow storms.

Henry woke a little later this morning, around 6:30 or so, and proceed to feed as usual. He ate again and then proceeded to sleep for over three hours.

In the afternoon, we had our four month check-up. Henry checked in at 25 inches and 16 pounds. For the first time, his height percentile dropped below his weight percentile.

Otherwise, we took advantage of our opportunities to boast and brag about his incredible arm and leg strength as well as his grip.

Henry had to take another oral vaccine and two booster shots. The little guy is so incredibly tough. He cried, but calmed down quickly. He was a little irritable tonight, but in good spirits, all things considered.

Henry takes his shots
Henry takes his shots

He is indeed strengthening up. Tonight, he was able to hold himself up while he sat on the bed, holding only on to my finger.

We gave him a bath at 8:30 and he was off to bed by 9:00.

Tomorrow, the forecast again is calling for subzero temperatures and lots of Winter Olympics coverage on the television.


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