Day 5

The first full work week is almost over.  Time goes by so fast.  Henry is asleep after waking early and taking an early bottle around 8:00 am.  He has been asleep for almost 90 minutes, giving me time to respond to a few work e-mails and take a shower. The plan is to meet Maman for lunch and then head to the Kemper Art Museum to see the Picasso which is only displayed for one week a year.  Is it too early to introduce Henry to art?  I do not think so.  For my parents, art was a class at school that involved paints and paper.  I had not appreciation for art until high school.  Henry will hopefully learn to love the arts as much as his Maman.


Henry and I visited Maman for lunch and then went to the Kemper Art Museum to go see the Picasso on display this week. There was a class in the museum, but we were able to get a quick glance. We did get a chance to temporarily distract the class from the lecture. That was suprisingly fun and reminded me of how confident Henry is at this age. As with most infants (and many children), he rarely seems to feel out of place (as far as I can tell). I hope he continues to walk confidently throughout his life.

La bouteille de Suze (1912)
La bouteille de Suze (1912)

Today’s nickname: Mr. Big Shot.

Mr. Big Shot and I practiced sitting in the afternoon and he seriously earned the moniker Mr. Big Shot. He has always been incredibly capable, but today he was sitting for long periods of time. And, for some reason, he thought it was hilarious. His belly laugh is among my favorite things.

Henry did struggle with the bottle in the afternoon. For whatever reason, he would drink and then spit-up his milk. He was not happy, but fell asleep in frustration.


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