Day 10

Day 10 started out with a quick drive to Incarnate Word Academy to drop off Mamam and then we proceed to Kayaks Coffee Shop on Skinker and McCausland. I ordered a coffee and a pastry and we sat down to people watch. Apparently, people watching is a great activity for infants, so we will do much more of this before my leave is over. In fact, we may go to another coffee shop tomorrow to celebrate the arrival of the weekend.

I did contact my friend Rosalind Early who works in the Kayaks building. She had never met Henry before, so I figured this would be a good opportunity to introduce him. It was great to see her.

Otherwise, we are settling in to a routine which involves massage, reading, exercises (i.e. sitting, standing and hand-eye), along with feeding and sleeping.

Henry was in a great mood, though I twice took too long to heat his milk and he let me know. And, I am not sure I was able to heat it to the right temperature. I did try feeding him a 6 oz rather than 4-5 oz and that seemed to hold him over better. I also kept him in the car too long, but he takes everything in stride.

I am more and more impressed by Henry every day. He is such an amazing individual. I love watching his facial expressions and the way his eyes move and focus.

In other news, the American men swept the first-ever Slopestyle ski event at the 2014 Winter Olympics. This may be the biggest US sports story this year after the Michael Sam story.


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