Day 32

Day 32 is one of the days in which going to lunch with Maman is not an option. However, the weather is expected to warm significantly so hopefully we will get outdoors today.

Henry appears to have a cold. He is congested and is coughing, but not severely.  This may explain the irritability.  Henry slept in today, which means he slept until 6:00 am. He was especially cute this morning. And, unlike yesterday, I was able to take in all that is the miracle we call Henry.

Henry is an absolute joy. I love watching him experience the world. He observes everything and engages things more than ever before. Whether it is knocking the book out of my hands, or knocking over my wooden block towers, Henry is not content to sit around and watch.

There is seriously nothing like watching Henry watch his feet as he moves his toes or watching him stick his feet in his mouth. He started that today, but he will not pose for a picture so I doubt I will be able to document.

Today is significant because it marks his fifth month birthday. We did not do anything to celebrate, but that will change for his sixth month.


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