Henry was as good today as I have ever seen him.  He was so happy.  One of my favorite days so far.  Besides the usual activities, we went antiquing.  Henry was a little tired, but he was a trooper.  For reasons I cannot explain, it seemed a little surreal: a newborn in an antique shop.  But, it was yet another reminder of the values I hope Henry embraces later in life.  In this case, an appreciation for the past and those that have come before.

I am sure there are milestones that I need to mention, but I forget by the end of the night.  Henry is in love with the mirror and now kisses the Henry staring back at him.  I also was able to teach him to hold on to my hands by lifting him up with his hands holding mine.  After a few times, Henry began to grab my hands as a way of moving to a seated position.

Otherwise, Henry was sick again today though his fever has definitely dropped.  He struggled to sleep last night and then struggled through his morning nap.  He is congested with a cough and runny nose.  Unfortunately, there is not much we can do except to let it run its course.  Henry is seriously a trooper and should kick the cold by the end of the week.



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