New era

Henry has been moving around for a few weeks, but over the last few days, Henry seemed to have a new approach to the world. Only a few weeks ago, Henry preferred to sit up and hated to be on his stomach. The new Henry moves to his stomach as quick as he can. Henry cannot yet fully crawl, but he can toss and turn and flip without missing a beat.

He has learned to reach out to others in order to be held. And, he is quick to accept others invitations. Tonight, he did something particularly interesting. He twice balked at invitations from Maman to be held, turning back to me at the last possible moment.

Henry has been sitting up in the bathtub for a few weeks now but I made the mistake of demonstrating how he could use his hands and feet to make a splash. We now have a new bath time tradition.

Henry also does this thing in which he exhales when he is excited. It is hard to explain and probably not something I will remember so I have to get it on video.


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