Happy Birthday!

Henry is seven months today and he was (mostly) all smiles. Admittedly, I am overly obsessed with the developmental milestones. I often reflect on the milestones, but I have yet to chronicle my thoughts in one post.

The St. Louis Children’s Hospital blog recently included a list based on the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines. Below are the guidelines with my thoughts below.

Children’s Hospital Guidelines

2 Months Begins to smiles at the sound of your voice; turns head towards sound

Henry had great physical strength in general and neck strength in particular. I distinctively remember feeling anxious when our favorite nurse moved Henry two or three times without supporting his neck. Henry was moving his head towards the sound at a very early age. He was also tremendous at following movement.

3 Months Raises head and chest when lying on stomach; grasps objects; smiles at other people

Henry was raising his head and chest within the first two months. He was smiling at others well before three three month mark. He was grasping hands early, but it was probably around three months when he first started to hold small toys and other things.

4 Months Smiles spontaneously, especially at people; begins to babble; holds head steady; reaches for toys with one hand

Henry had smiled spontaneously regularly by the three month mark and continues to be a prolific smiler. He has babbled for a long time, though he has grown quieter in the last two months. He will babble at length, though he does not say consonants as much as I would like. I need to work on that. He really developed a steady grip early in the four month and regular reached for objects with one hand.

6 Months Knows familiar faces, likes to look at self in mirror; responds to sounds by making sounds; rolls from back to stomach; starts to move objects from hand to hand

Henry seemed to know familiar faces in the fourth month, but this continued to develop through the six month. He has enjoyed looking at himself in the mirror since the third or fourth month. He did respond to sounds with other sounds early on. He was all about the call and response, though he has not done much of that lately. He learned to roll from stomach to back in the six month while back to stomach started in the fifth month. He can move objects from hand to hand.


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