I recently discovered that just like with #MamaBloggers, there is a wide world of #DadBloggers out there. They are very organized with websites such as the Dad Bloggers Network and they even host conferences such as the Dad 2.0 Summit. I reviewed a few blogs and followed a few more bloggers on Twitter and two or three returned the favor. There are many more blogs than I care to read, but I am thinking about how I might add myself to the cacophony of non-professional #DadBloggers.

I would definitely need to get behind my writing and write about more than the daily grind with the occasional milestone-related announcement. I am not sure what my niche would be (or if I need a niche) though I would like to write more about the benefits (and drawbacks) of taking #paternityleave after #maternityleave. I would also like to write about infertility and manliness. I would eventually write about the ways in which conversations on children and family are among the most exclusive conversations one can have and should be tempered. But does that mean I should?

Of course, a lot of things would have to change in order for me to gain respectability as a #DadBlogger. First and foremost, I would need to spend more time and energy on the pursuit.

Everything is easier after that. I would definitely need to expand my scope. And, I would probably need to work on my web and social media presence. My free WordPress blog has worked well so far, though I will likely need more data storage soon. I would probably need to register http://www.twelveweekswithhenry.com or possible http://www.withhenry.com. It looks like http://www.twelveweeks.com is unavailable, though there may be other choices worth exploring.


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