Popularity of a name

The Social Security Administration just released their annual report on the 1,000 most popular baby names. They even have a tool that shows the popularity of the most common names over time. Maman and I had no idea how popular the name Henry was when we chose it, but sure enough, the name been popular for more than a decade and 2013 was a record setting year. According to the SSA, Henry was the 37th most popular baby name in 2013.


Apparently, the name Henry had been popular enough in 2011 to be dubbed the Hottest Baby Name in Hollywood according to Daily Beast. They even created a gallery of celebrities with sons named Henry though it is not all that long. More from the Daily Beast article:

Henry has emerged from centuries as the ultimate ruthless royal and buttoned-up businessman name to become the darling of celebrities in search of a baby name that combines substance and style.

A classic German name that means “estate ruler,” famous old school Henrys include Ford, Clay, James, Miller, Winkler, David Thoreau, and The Eighth. Some Henrys, such as the young prince of England, are better known as Harry, while others, such as baseball great Aaron, are called Hank.


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