View of the world

Henry did something last night that I have not seen before but will inevitably see again. He complained about not getting his way. Henry grabbed a plastic bag and started swing it around. I let him play, but stopped him from putting it in his mouth. The bag was made in China and I was not sure how clean it was. Each time he moved the bag to his mouth, I grabbed it and held it away. Each time he cried in protest. Certainly a sign of things to come. And, in some ways, something we very much want to see.

I knew I should not be so quick to brag about Henry and his flexibility at bed time. The last few nights have been tough. Henry inevitably goes to sleep and sleeps through the night, but only after 10-15 minutes or more of intense crying. Maman and I hate the crying. And, so far our response has been to go in and hold him. Maman even brought him in to our bed and he fell asleep the moment he hit the sheets. This is certainly not an ideal response. It is time to pick up the next Harvey Karp book.

Today Henry had a great morning, but was quick to complain in the hours after the Gymboree class. Last Sunday, he clearly had a excuse to complain but other than fatigue, he had no excuse today. I am not sure why. He is taking his first nap in three weekends which is a positive.


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