Documenting the minutiae

It took me a long time, but eventually I realized that the best part of being a #DadBlogger is observing and documenting the small things that Henry does that I likely will not remember unless I get them down on paper.

Henry did something very cute today, but it was something so insignificant that I am not even sure that I can adequately describe it. He did a simple exhale between his lips, essentially making a pffff sound. He repeated this 10-12 times before getting distracted and moving on.

While I love those moments in which Henry is laughing and flapping his arms, my favorite moments are the quiet ones we share while lying on the bed watching the ceiling fan spin. Henry loves lights and fans and his interest has not waned over time.


Otherwise, Henry had a nice nap this morning and in the afternoon and went down quickly tonight even though he was all wound up from an incident involving pee and a loud response from Maman.



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