Teeth and…

Mr. Two Teeth now has two more teeth coming in on the top. They appear to be adjacent teeth, but are coming in with a significant gap in the middle. As perfect as his lower teeth are, I think he may have a gap on the top and may be headed for braces.

He has struggled a little more with the upper teeth and we have thrice given him Tylenol. Maman is concerned about over medicating, though we are certainly no where close to that.

He two lower teeth look brilliant and are coming in quite nicely.


Henry is standing regularly and is quick to cruise when given the excuse. His form is spectacularly. He can climb with ease and quickly compensate for the surface. He can move his legs and feet with confidence. He is almost executing the full crawl, but he may not get there now that he is so focused on standing and quasi-walking.

More importantly, Henry is learning how to fall backwards to his butt without falling further and hitting his head. I feel much about that, though soon he will start falling forward which may prove worse.


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