Henry has traveled before–twice to central Kansas–but experienced his first ever vacation in what will become a familiar destination. The in-laws hosted the Friesen family in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. Aunts and uncles joined cousins (and significant others) and grandchildren for a family reunion.

At nine months, Henry travels like a pro and was as flexible as ever on the long rides there and back. He generally had no problem sleeping in the car and hotels and eating in the restaurants along the way. He did scratch his face in protest on two occasions, but was perfect otherwise.

Henry struggled with our stay at the cabin. He is not used to the noise and was often startled by the barking dogs and screeches and squeals from his cousins. Maman and I frequently had to console Henry as he responded to the din.

He was clearly stressed at times but slept well and had no problems eating and drinking. He enjoyed our hikes and moments on the dock even if he did not always wear his sun hat.

Henry did respond positively to the relatives and projected little to no stranger anxiety. At one point, he was picked up by his uncle who is larger with a deep, booming voice. Henry was cooly reached out for his collar buttons.

Henry is a tough little guy and he grew in to his own during the moments of quiet and seemed to enjoy the last two days. Overall, not the most satisfying vacation, but it will get better in the next few years.


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