As much as I have done to document the milestones, I guess I should mention that I witnessed Henry and his first tantrum.

Henry has generally been incredibly flexible, but on Saturday, after Henry had reached the tipping point on the tired and hungry scale, Henry threw up his arms and cried upon realizing that I had taken away his water bottle. He cried and cried loudly and only stopped when I gave him the bottle back. Henry won this round, but I do not plan to give in so quickly next time.

Henry has not thrown a non-bedtime tantrum since which is surprising because I find myself taking away things constantly. Henry is just so mobile and in to everything. And, our house is not as baby proof as it should be.

As far as bedtime goes, Henry has had struggled to go to bed for three straight nights. Last night was the worst. Henry just does not want to go to bed at 8:00 anymore. He stands up in his crib and cries and cries until we come in to help. And, after he realizes that we do not intend to return to play, he lunges to and fro clearly hoping to break free and reach the floor. He claps his hands and does his disco move (which always provokes a laugh out loud).

Last night, he was up until nearly 10:00 pm and did not go down until he was fed a third time. He was so tired this morning that he fell asleep when I brought him in our bed.

Teething may have something to do with it. He has a fifth tooth breaking through on the top to go along with the other two that are moving in to position.


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