Preventive Medicine

On Saturday, Henry woke up early but fell back asleep after a quick back rub. He woke up again about 10 minutes later and again fell back asleep. After the fourth revolution, Maman decided to brought Henry in to our bedroom. Henry tried to calm himself, but cried, seemingly in pain. 

After 2.5 ml of Tylenol and 10 or so more minutes, Henry fell asleep for the long haul.

Last night, I gave Henry another 2.5 ml of Tylenol and he slept peacefully through the night without interruption. I do hate giving Henry medications unnecessarily, but it sure made things better today.


Henry was with the grandparents again today to give Maman time to go get trained on SmartBoard at her new school. My parents are convinced that I do not fully trust them to take care of Henry, but nothing could be further from the truth. I wish they could take care of Boog everyday, but alas, they are worn out after taking care of so many others for so many years.

Henry starts at the WUSTL Day Care tomorrow morning. He will go for a few hours and a few hours more on Thursday to get used to things. I am both excited and nervous.


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