Henry is becoming more aware of how the world works and is developing a sense of right and wrong. He is also starting to protest when he does not get his way.

Last night, Henry reached out for my mobile phone and cried when I moved it out his reach. He cried again this morning when I tried to convince to go back to bed after waking up early again.

Though no one enjoys a crying child, it is fascinating to observe him engage the world. At this point, we may need to be more deliberate about the choices we make around him.

Maman and I argued this morning over a simple miscommunication. Henry was supposed to go to daycare on Tuesday, but they would not let her drop him off without the forms. I asked and based on the response I received, I thought she had the forms ready to go.

As much as I loathe the fact that we argue in front of Henry, it is interesting to see him as he observes and processes our interactions. It is easy to see that it adds unnecessary stress.

I do know that this is not good for Henry and I need to find a way to prevent the arguments, but the added stress of having a child has only made it worse. Henry is certainly the great thing that has every happened to us, but the time we spend with him takes away from the time we used to have to relax on the one hand and to maintain the rest of our lives on the other. We have more to do than every before, but less time to do it. And, less room to improvise.

Our efforts to organize our lives have mostly fallen short, but we will keep trying.


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