Drop Off

Today I went with Maman to drop off Henry at the day care. I will soon be responsible for the morning drop off, so I needed a quick tour and introduction. I had a chance to meet a few of Henry’s new friends including Justine, Jackson and his teachers.

Henry is adjusting well to the change. He was excited to join his new friends on the floor with toys. And, soon after we arrived, the science and art teacher arrived with a bowl of cooked pasta to let the kids explore textures.

Enclosed are a few more pictures from his first week.

Update: apparently, Henry enjoyed the taste of science class.

IMG_0635Henry with his patented big smile.

IMG_0642Henry found a way to sleep despite the craziness in the room. Apparently, one of the other kids is teething and her parents refuse to give her Tylenol, leaving her crying in pain throughout the day.
Henry proved himself to be bigger and more mature than his age would suggest. He gets to sit at the table with a plate.


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