Early September Mashup

Henry is standing on his own. He can pull himself up from a seated position without holding on to anything. He has taken a step here and there, but is not walking. He loves to walk with my help. And, his balance is great. He will likely be walking very soon.

Henry is using his tippy-toes to extend his reach. He is so incredibly strong that he seems to find a way to do whatever he can. As an example of his strength, last night, he was opening and closing the door to our freezer. Our freezer door is surprisingly hard to open, but Henry found a way. He is capable of giving her a hefty shove. I am not sure that he was pushing her away, but she was upset nonetheless.


Henry did discover the power of his own breath last week when, while looking out the window, he noticed that he could temporarily fog the window with his breath. He was very surprised and curious.


Henry and I played our first game of pitch and catch with a plastic soft ball. Henry can hold this softball because it has holes. He uses his thumb which makes for a slow and imperfect release, but he can really get the power the ball from time to time. I just need to teach him how to kick it.


Henry was sick over the weekend. He was down with a fever and struggled with diarrhea. He has been more anxious than normal, though it could also be teething. It was a three day weekend, with the Labor Day holiday on Monday, but we decided to keep him out of the day care on Tuesday just to be safe.


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