Bananas > Kiwi

I was convinced that kiwi was Henry’s favorite food. He is passionate about kiwi and will pass on other foods to get to the kiwi. I generally give Henry one food at a time when dining, but I experimented with bananas and kiwi and bananas won out. Henry thrice cleared his entire setting of bananas before moving on to the kiwi.

In 2014, the banana is cheap and plentiful and for that I am thankful. It is hard to imagine the world without bananas though this seems increasingly possible. I often try to imagine what the world will be like in 2032 when Henry is (hopefully) headed off to the college or university of his choice. I try to imagine the world in 2044 when Henry is hopefully finding his way in the work force and in a relationship that works for him. Maybe he is considering children or has already made us proud grandparents.

It is so hard to imagine, but yet so fascinating (and scary) to think about.



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