London, baby!

Maman and I are trying to help Henry experience the world in easily approachable ways. Today, we had breakfast at the London Tea Room, one of our favorite local cafes. The London Tea Room moved from downtown to the Morganford Business District just south of Tower Grove Park. The cafe has the best scones in the area and reminds us of our stay in Galway, Ireland.

Henry enjoyed sampling my blueberry scone, but he was more focused on the 12 month old girl who was at a nearby table. Her parents lowered her to the ground, so after waiting a few minutes, I followed suit. Henry crawled over to her and then crawled on by after noticing a cupboard with big handles on each drawer. Henry loves opening and closing doors.

I picked him up and returned him to our table and the cycle repeated four or five more times before Henry realized that the door to the cafe was open. He made four or five runs for it before eventually being returned to the booster seat.

Henry loves other kids, but he loves dogs even more. A friendly neighbor with a Lab mix was gracious enough to let Henry pet her dog. Henry was so excited. He absolutely loves dogs.


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