Little Leagues

Henry has expressed little to no interest in baseball and I hope he never does, but tonight he was tossing around blocks and loving every minute of it. He was even picking up two blocks at a time and tossing them simultaneously. At one point, a block hit my hand hard enough to prompt a response and that made him laugh. He loves when others say oooh and aaah and ouch.

Henry is starting to walk more and more, though he does not yet have that magic sense of balance I had described in a previous blog. He has very good balance, but as he moves faster and faster, his shortcomings are exposed. Not that I am concerned about his shortcomings. He is still very good at walking and is usually able to prevent himself from falling, even when obstacles arise, and prevent himself from falling all the way.

Unfortunately, I have been unable to capture his efforts on video, but I hope to remedy that this weekend.


Tonight, la famille and I went Winslow’s Home for dinner on the patio. Henry was happy with the brisket and falafel, though he did not eat a lot tonight. He did try oranges for the first time and seemed mixed though he had several slices.


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