Turn Off the Fan

Henry is starting to recognize more and more words including many that are not commonly used in our household. Yesterday, for example, I asked Henry to go turn off our oscillating fan in the bedroom.

Henry looked over to the other side of the room to spot the fan and then walked over to respond to my request. How did he know the word fan? I know Henry knows the words on and off even if he does not know exactly what they mean.

Henry and I covered anatomy months ago, but to no avail. Then a week or so ago, he mastered nose and mouth. He was hesitant to try ears but finally proved tonight that he knows the word.


I was able to pick up Henry at the day care today and when I arrived, I was told by one of the floating teachers that Henry had been “chewed on” by one of his classmates. She did not offer a name.

Henry was clearly not in pain, though his arm was red with irritation.


Tonight, I listened to a particular interesting and relevant edition of Fresh Air with Terry Gross. The show was entitled Why Kids Sext and it featured Hannah Rosin, a journalist who did a lengthy investigation on the topic. I found her discussion of the levels in which parents choose to protect our children to be interesting. I hope to listen again.


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