Twelve Months by the Numbers

Henry had his one year appointment with the Pediatrician. He earned a clean bill of health. And, Henry handled both his chicken pox and MMR vaccines like a boss.

He also checked in with numbers comparable to his nine month appointment, remaining in the 70 or so percentile for weight, height and head size:

Weight: 20 lb, 14.5 oz (71 percentile)

Height: 2′ 5″ (76 percentile)

Head: 17.99″ (70 percentile.


Henry has been a climber for more than a month, but he was unable to climb on to the couch and chair. That changed tonight. He made two attempts and was so incredibly close, but he gave up in frustration. The third time proved to be the charm, however, as he pulled himself with minimal effort.


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