Martian Chronicles: Day 1, Week 1

Day 1 as a Martian is in the books. Henry got his first taste of life on Mars when he visited the Mars Room for an hour this morning. He had a good first day by all accounts. He jumped right in, finding his way around the room.

He was apparently excited to meet his new teachers. They believe that he recognized them as they play with the kids outside in the common area located just outside the Leo Room. Henry was often seen watching out the window. That comes as no surprise as he does that at home as well.

Henry will enter a room with a host of two year olds who are getting ready to transition. The room will get younger and younger in a matter of months. Joining him next week will be the Henry ____ we have heard so much about from the Pisces Room. I can see it now, Henry and Henry holding it down. I do hope a few of his Leo Room friends join him sooner or later.


Henry has been especially happy lately. And, we are enjoying this time in his life. He has always been sweet, but he remains so as we approach 14 months.


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