Twelve Weeks With Friends

The end is near for Henry and his twelve week or so tenure in the Leo Room. Henry will continue to spend time in the Leo Room until Friday afternoon, at which time, his transfer to the Mars Room will be finalized.

Henry has clearly enjoyed his time with friends. And, we have enjoyed our few minutes each day get to know these ones as well. Eventually, we may come to forget the names, but I doubt we will ever forget the face.

On the lower left is Martha. I remember when I first met Martha, I had heard that she was struggling with teething and her idealistic parents refused to offer her Tylenol or any other medicine. She was over the teething in no time and is one of the happiest kids in the room. She has a big smile and an equally big personality.

On the lower right is Justine. The teachers are confused when I call her Justine (pronounced Joo-stine, French-style), but I cannot help but pronounce it that way. Justine is super cute and has always been close with Henry. Reportedly, they regularly played together and once held hands while on the cart.

On the upper right is June, who is there less frequently, but cute nonetheless.

Off to the left and out of view is Luke. He is definitely one of my favorites, especially his spiked hair.  I don’t know what it is, but every single hair on his head stands straight up.



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