Henry and Henry

A few days off with Henry and a few e-mails from the daycare are always good reminders of the unsurpassed social opportunities at the daycare.

Last week, I got to see the two bros hugging it out. I finally got to see the pictures today.

Henry Hug

I thought that the teachers agreed to use middle names to differentiate the two, but it appears they may be using abbreviated last names.

The second set of pictures described a moment that I had heard about, but had not seen. It seems that Henry noticed his friend was in need and stepped in to comfort him.

I was not surprised to read in the description that Henry had gently rubbed the head and hair of Henry E as we have taught him to pet our cat “gently” and he obliges when he can. I am also not surprised to read that he leaned over to rest his head on his friend. He does this at home as well.

Henry Care


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