Sleep Tight!

I often like to let Henry run around for a few minutes sans diaper to give everything a chance to air out as my mom used to say. Henry loves going Mannken Pis often celebrates by peeing on the floor.

You know he is ready to go when things go quiet. It is certainly not ideal for the floors, rugs or furniture along with everything else in the house, but I am willing to make concessions.

Tonight Henry broke free while getting undressed on our bed. He jumped over to the other side before grabbing a hair clip from the dresser and sitting down (butt first!) on one of our pillows. Naked!


Last night, we had our second significant snow fall of the season–four to five inches by my estimate–giving us the opportunity to play outside. Unfortunately, I could not have taken the day off or I would have in a heartbeat. But, we did have a chance to walk around in the snow. Henry did his best, considering that he has only had one other opportunity to try out his North Face-brand boots. Walking in boots is no easy task, but walking in boots when you are only 16 months is a something else entirely.

Henry enjoyed the snow until his gloves came off and it got to cold. Henry did have a chance to play with the snow again at school.


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