It hit me today just how much time Henry spends at school with his teachers and classmates and how little time he spends at home.

Henry generally wakes around 6:00 am and gets to spend two hours or so at home before he and I drive in to school. Henry is picked up around 4:00-4:30 pm on most days and arrives home around 5:00 pm. He is usually in bed by 8:00 pm, though he recently transitioned to the big boy bath and he usually takes his time, so it may be 8:30 pm or so before he actually goes down.

Weekends are great, but they are only two days. Two days! The United States definitely needs better work-life norms with the law to support those norms.

Just another reminder to make every day count.

Henry is getting over his separation anxiety and drop-offs have been going well. I left work early today and picked him up while the group was outside. He did not want to leave.

As we were leaving, the teacher remarked how Henry was starting to talk and even said the word bana, or banana, today while participating in the lesson on healthy eating. She also reminded me to narrate every word we can.

She compared Henry and his speaking skills to two students who are at least 6 months older. I left the school trying to figure out exactly what that means.


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