Henry is here in New England after flying to Boston on Thursday with Maman.

Henry did very well on his first flight, falling asleep before the take-off and handling the landing like a pro. Nothing I heard surprises me at all. Henry also had his first experience on public transportation as Maman smartly (and bravely) used the Silver Line to get to the conference hotel.

Maman and Henry met up with Aunt Flo on Friday and visited the Boston Children’s Museum and toured around downtown Boston. Later that evening, we met up with Flo and her husband and visited Crane Beach.

Henry loved the beach. He loved playing in the sand and in the ocean. He also loved climbing on the rocks which is certainly no surprise.

Today, we visited Portland and Kennebunk, Maine though our visits were limited by the inclement weather. After sweating through the hot and humid week in Boston, the weather dropped below 50, providing for a swing of over 40 degrees. Hopefully, the weather will be better tomorrow, though the forecast is calling for showers throughout the day.

I am having the best time with Henry though he is beginning to push back when he is unable to get in his way. Locking him in to the car seat is a chore like never before. It takes two people as Henry is so strong and can plank to avoid getting locked in.


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