Henry and I finally participated in our first organized soccer practice on Saturday at the Soccerdome.

Henry was unusually timid from the start and clearly did not want to be there. I did my best not to force the issue, though I am not sure that is how he felt.

Henry did not seem to enjoy engaging with the ball, but he did eventually relax a little. He participated in the running exercises and enjoyed playing with the cones. He definitely enjoyed the clean-up activities, so if a sport ever comes along that involves picking up the ball and throwing it in to a bag, I think we may have a protege on our hands.

When I described this to a co-worker, she responded with concern that maybe I was moving to early and that I needed to back off. I have to admit, that felt a little weird. All I did was sign Henry up for soccer.

Later in the day, Maman and Henry met up with the Wilson family over at the Magic House to participate in a new exhibit which involved beaches and sandcastles. Unfortunately, I did not go, but from the reports, Henry had the time of his life. Why am I not surprised?



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