Independence Day

Henry experienced his second Fourth of July today, but his first to include both barbecue and fireworks.

Henry had a lot of fun with the poppers, utilizing the drop and step technique. He also enjoyed the snakes, parachutes and smoke bombs. But, he was not particularly fond of the firecrackers, in part, because he was not ready for them. I wish they had given us proper notice.

We left before the big fireworks began, but not before the acetylene bomb was ignited. It was incredibly loud, but Henry took in in stride.

Henry had a great time, enjoying the food and the opportunity to play with a few new trucks (and friends), but he was a little down about the fact that we did not come prepared to swim. If only I had my swimsuit, I would have taken him for sure.

Unfortunately, we had to leave early so we missed the main event, but we will make sure to stay next year. Henry is still a champion sleeper and is sleeping through the fireworks, even with the white noise machine on low.


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