To Infinity and Beyond!

Henry and company exploring outer space.  As far as I know, Henry really enjoyed this edition of STEAM.  I am not surprised.

My favorite part is the explanation from the Arts and Sciences teacher:

This week in STEAM, toddler students learned about outer space. Toddlers used chalk on tables and easels to create galaxies! We said “big boom” as we made chalk marks on chalkboard contact paper on the table and sang about the sun, moon, and stars. Check out the results in the Atelier…

Moon Rocks

Tonight, while taking a break from a sticker book, Henry and I pretended that our hands were airplanes and we flew up and down and past (zoooom!). I explained the Doppler Effect, though I am not sure he understood that.

I was surprised by how quickly he took to the sticker book. He loves stickers. And, he especially loves animal stickers. He even remarked about the zebra sticker (pronounced zeh-bra) which is a word I had no idea he knew. He also was able to say fire truck (pronounced f-uh cuck) and digger, which he pronounces correctly.

Space Shuttle


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