Field Notes

A few thoughts on my last twelve hours with Henry:

Henry is acquiring a lot of words quickly and using them in memorable ways including several words that I would never expect. Examples include: pants, shirt, floor, door, wall and stairs.

Henry loves washing his hands. For most of his life, he has cooperated with my efforts to hold him in front of the sink and to wash his hands. Lately though, we have been using his “Henry stairs” to give him the reach to wash his hands in the sink. Henry loves it and will literally run to the bathroom when directed to wash his hands.

As an aside, I still love to watch Henry walk. I especially love to see him run. He may be about to exit the toddler stage, but he still runs like a toddler.

Henry still favors his dad, but certainly loves his Maman and his “Mom time.” He may be down to 1-2 feedings per day, but there is no end in sight. Bravo to Maman for the hard work.


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