Ready, Set, Go!

Henry is struggling to sleep tonight and I am not sure why. I brought him out the living room to watch television for a few minutes and drank several ounces of water. He wakes up, but falls back to sleep quickly.

Here are a few more stories from our day.

Ready, Set, Go!

Henry learned the expression ready, set, go and was using it repeatedly tonight. He understands exactly what it means and loves using it to start a foot race between the two of us.

Up and down

Earlier, while we were running throughout the house, I held up my arms and said I win. Henry did the same. And, then he dropped his hands to the floor and said down and then stood up again and lifted his hands up high and said up. I know he knows a lot of contrasts, but I did not realize he knew that.

Book run

Henry and Maman were reading books in the living room when Henry stood up and ran in to his bedroom. He was there for a minute or so I got nervous. I walked in to find him on top of his chair and reaching for another book on the shelf.

Mary had a little lamb

Henry has a few songs that he likes to sing and one is Mary Had a Little Lamb. He does not know the lyrics, so he improvises. But, regardless, it sounds a lot like Mary Had a Little Lamb.


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