Crisis Averted!

Henry has been asking lately to visit the zoo to ride the choo-choo train-e, so Maman agreed to leave work early today so that they could do a last minute visit to the zoo.

Henry loves the zoo, so I was surprised to see Maman return with a disappointed look. And, they she relayed the story.

Maman was driving home with the windows open when she glanced back at Henry and did not see Bun. She asked about Bun, prompting Henry to respond as though he was also concerned.

Maman drove home, hoping that maybe Bun had been fallen behind the seat. Or, maybe he had hopped in the seat and in to the trunk. When she returned, however, Bun was no where to be found. At this point, both of us knew that one of us had to go find Bun.

I decided to go because I was sure that Maman needed a break. I drove to Big Bend to Clayton to McCausland and no sign of Bun. I drove on in to Forest Park and to the zoo and still no sign of Bun.


As an aside, later, while discussing the afternoon trip to the zoo, I questioned Henry about his visit to the petting zoo. I asked him what animals he had seen and he did not seem to know, but instead, he quickly turned the topic back to trains. I indulged him in that conversation before he mentioned the owls he had seen. He even reminded me what owls say–hoo, hoo!


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