It’s not applesauce

Henry: It’s [something that sounds like applesauce]…

Me: It’s not applesauce, it’s pet patrol.

Henry: It’s not pet patrol, it’s [indecipherable] patrol.

Me: It’s Pet Patrol, Henry! Pet Patrol!

Henry: It’s Pet Patrol, it’s [something that sounds like pawt patrol].

And back and forth and back and forth…

As it turns out, the name of the cartoon is Paw Patrol and Henry new that all along. He was not exactly pronouncing it correctly, but bravo Henry for sticking to your guns. That is conviction.


Henry is definitely watching way too much television. And, that is our fault. He loves watching one episode on the Kindle or television. He will watch most any cartoon, though he has his favorites. He still prefers to play outside, but I know I need to find a way to have him watch less television or whatever we call it in the year 2016.


In fact, Henry loves to play outside and will entertain himself with almost any project. He does love to spray with the hose. He will waste hours with the hose. He is useful this time of year though as we overseed the lawn.

Henry also loves to do anything that he observes Maman and I doing. For example, on Saturday, he found paint and brush. He proceeded to paint the lilies and his picnic table.


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