Do you know what this is?

Do you know what this is?

Henry asked me yesterday.

He referred to the object in his hand as hay, though it was more likely a small feather. I could not tell.

Henry is as quiet as ever. He is definitely introverted, but that is not a surprise. He definitely lives inside his head.

At the library, while head towards a large group of kids working a project, he turned to Mom and said that way, that way, that way, pointing in the opposite direction.

He does play well with others, but he is more than happy to play alone.

At the Fourth of July celebration, he played mostly by himself in the basement, but he was thrilled to play with a new collection of car and trucks. He is very focused when he plays and has a great imagination to go along with compliment of sound effects, so I am not surprised that he has no problems playing alone.

He played with this bubble maker for at least an hour and may have quit only because he used the entire bottle of bubble soap.


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