I didn’t mean to…

Henry and I often partner to make coffee in our Bodum Pour Over which involves manually pouring hot water over the grounds.  I heat the water and then distribute it from a large measuring cup to a small measuring cup.  As I was doing that today, Henry moved the cup causing the water to spill over on to my hand.  It burned and I responded with an ouch!

I did not expect an apology of course, though Henry has developed an unexpected politeness in the last few months.  He response went deeper than I expected: I am sorry, Daddy, I did not mean to burn you…

I have no idea where he picked up the mean to part, but he said it as if he needed to clarify the situation.

One other thing he said both yesterday and today while looking for Maman: where Mommy is?

It is grammatically incorrect of course, but he understanding of to be was very impressive.  At least I think so if I add in other similar questions.


I certainly did not mean to mislead him today when we left the house en route to school.  Henry is not used to wearing his water shoes to school, but today is water day, and so instead of his New Balance, he wore his water shoes.

Lately, we have been spending time at the CityGarden and at Tower Grove Park.  Enough time that he has connected his water shoes to these activities.  He was clearly disappointed today when we showed up at school.  He held on tight.  And, things got worse when we entered the classroom and he did not see his familiar favorite teachers.

Henry did not cry when I left, but I still felt bad.  I felt like I deceived him.  I could have explained our plans better.



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