Laughter Yoga

I heard the door open and then I heard the footsteps as Henry walked down the hall.

Henry has no problem climbing from his crib.  He usually steps over the wall to the chair, but he can just as easily step over on to the kitchen set.  Lately his goal is always the same: to climb in to our bed for the night.

Maman usually lets him stay…mostly because she is too tired to return him to his bed. Henry is persistent and will try again and again until she eventually concedes.

If he does get to stay, he probably knows that I will eventually return him to his crib when I go to bed, but he is willing to take that chance.

Tonight, when I found him resting on our bed, he was laughing with a smirk…I reached down and laughed, causing him to laugh.  I laughed again and he laughed…again and again.  He asked me: what is so funny?

I returned him to his room and sang Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star before returning him to the crib where he will probably sleep through the night.


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