No, I don’t think so!

Hammer and nails…lumber and saws…paintbrushes and paint.  The weekend was a whole lot of construction as my dad and brother returned to help finish off our porch.

Over the past three years, I have considered purchasing play tools and equipment for Henry, but I have too often (and too quickly) introduced him to the real tools.  Who would want a toy drill if you could play with a real drill?

Henry did a lot this weekend and was mostly a big help.  He helped me remove nails from old boards, helped me move old boards from the porch to the driveway, helped me paint..

While painting, I tried to take away the paint brush as Henry had adequately covered the board. He responded by saying no and that painting is dangerous as if to discourage me from ending his fun.

Henry added a lot of phrases in the past few weeks.  My favorites include no, I don’t think so and let’s see.

[Please note: All use of actual tools and equipment is always closely supervised]


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