Life with Henry is full of cute moments, but they all seem so inconsequential that I rarely ever blog about them.  At least not like I used to.

But, every so often…

Last night, Henry and I used a leaf blower and rake to gather leaves and to dispose of them to our yard waste bin.  Henry jumped in to the leaves as if it were instinctual.  Maybe he has seen this before.  It seems as though everyday he debuts something that I never expected him to know.

Henry found my tire gauge so I asked him if he wanted to check the pressure of the tires.  Eventually, we determined that we needed air in the front tires, so we drove to the local gas station.

There was another car using the air compressor so I decided to fill the Jeep with gas.  I did the usual gas station routine where I run around the car, jumping in front of the windows.  He has been laughing about this routine for years.  It is interesting to think that someday he will not find this entertaining.

We did eventually get the tires filled.  Henry never mastered the art and science of tire maintenance, but his curiosity and persistence made for a memorable experience.


Henry was so tired this morning that we had to wake him up from a deep sleep, and he was initially not very happy, but eventually he worked his way back to his usual self.

He wanted turkey meatloaf for breakfast and twice pulled the meatloaf from the refrigerator and was disappointed on both occasions.  I did offer him peanut butter, the peanut butter we had made together at Whole Foods yesterday.  He loved it and loved explaining to Maman just how we made it: I pushed the green button to start the machine and the red button to stop the machine.


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