I love the Fall in St. Louis and today was the perfect Fall day. Sunny and cool and one of those days that you know you need to get everyone outside.

Henry and I decided to do some research before heading out for the day.  I found a local travel blog that featured a picture of a Niki de Saint Phalle sculpture that was on display at the Missouri Botanical Garden a few years ago.  Henry affectionately referred to this sculpture  as skeleton face.

I had a feeling that skeleton face (or Skull as it is actually known) was no longer in St. Louis, but I mentioned the idea of Laumeier Sculpture Park and Henry took to it. Of course we never did find the sculpture (though we did find another  Niki de Saint Phalle), but we did find a host of other sculptures and woodland trails to explore.

Henry also found his first ever Geocache, a small bottle with a log located in a small pipe that was part of the pump of an old public pool.

Later that night, we met up with the Wilson family to climb the Compton Hill Water Tower to see the Supermoon. This moon was a record setting moon that will not return again until 2034, so a great excuse to explore the water tower.

Thankfully, we were among the first to arrive, so the wait was minimal.  The three boys loved climbing the stairs and had no problems going up or down.  Everyone certainly enjoyed the view.



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