Today we all went to Ikea St. Louis to get Henry his first big boy bed.  Ikea is a playground that happens to sell housewares, with elevators, escalators and flat carts everywhere.

Henry was tired for sure, but made the most of it.  I seriously think that at any given moment, Henry is having more fun than anyone else in the room.


After finding our bed, we stopped by the cafeteria and had lunch.  Henry has been so picky over the last few months, but he devoured his pasta.  He agreed to share a cake with Maman, but was not too happy when I sliced the cake in two.  You have to share with me, he said sternly.


One of the best parts about having a three year old is the darnedest things he has to say.  Yesterday, he laid down for a nap while I worked outside.  I heard him crying and so I went him to ask him was was wrong.  I had no idea where you were, he explained.

Henry also uses the phrase that will make me sad when he hears news that he does not agree with.



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