The Santa Myth

Henry and I went toy shopping on Monday night.  We looked a lot of big trucks, but Henry quickly settled on a yellow cement mixer truck.

Henry definitely wanted to go home with that truck, but I explained to him that we were Christmas shopping and that we would leave the truck on the bottom shelf for Santa to find.  I told him that we would let Santa know where to find that truck the next time he goes shopping.

It took a little time, but eventually Henry conceded that the plan to ask Santa for the cement mixer was for the best.

Henry is now really curious about Santa and ready to remind him that he wants the cement mixer (I told Henry that I already mentioned the truck to Santa).  This is a break from the past, as Henry never had an interest in meeting Santa before.

Last night, I took the myth further and explained how Santa would bring the toys on Christmas eve.

Santa will come upstairs from the basement, Henry said.  I thought that was a very good guess, but I did explain how Santa generally comes in through the chimney.

I have to admit, I felt a little strange through it all.  I am sure I have mentioned Santa before, but I was never sure if I would be involved in perpetrating the myth.

It all feels a little weird, as if I am being dishonest, but…


I will say that I was very impressed how Henry was able to defer his gratification by leaving behind the cement mixer, not knowing for sure that he would eventually get it.  He is surprisingly good at that.  Last night, while building a block tower, Henry knocked offer my work of art with just a few blocks to go.  I explained to him that I wanted him to wait until I finished.  And, he did!


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