The Fan Game

Henry is curious to the point that he gets excited about nearly every activity that one could possibly imagine.

It was too cold and wet yesterday, so we barely left the house.  In the morning, we went to Menard’s.  Henry and I managed to spend almost two hours in the store, leaving with nothing more than a bag of birdseed.  Later, that bag of birdseed would give us a 45 minute activity that involved rooting through the seeds for inedible sticks and other garbage (we even discussed what happens to the sticks if the bird happens to consume them).

If we had to pick a winner for the activity of the day though, that winner would undoubtedly be the Fan Game.

The Fan Game, of course, is the age-old game of balancing things on the fan before turning it on to see how long the objects will stay on the fan.  At one point, I asked Henry to explain the game to Maman and he described the game perfectly, though my favorite part: he referred to the fan blades as fan wings.  That was certainly a good guess.

I imagine that we will playing a lot more of the Fan Game when I get home tonight.

Today is Day 5 of the Advent season.

Last week, we started a new family tradition in celebrating the Advent season.  Henry was captivated from the start and has regularly asked to open more square.  So far, he has been accepting of the fact that it is only one square per day.  For the 2-4 days, he opened the square first thing, but today he managed to forget about the calendar.  I have to think that he will take care of that as soon as he gets home.


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