Henry and I took the Estes Fire Shot remote control vehicle to Tilles Park today to drive it in the lake.

I quickly realized that I had failed to properly charge the battery, so we returned home after 20 minutes or so on the playground.  I promised Henry that we would return as soon as he woke up from his nap.  He held me to this promise.

On our second trip, we realized that the AA batteries for the remote control unit were not strong enough, but fortunately I had back-up batteries.

After a few minutes, we were back in business, only to realize that the right motor was not working properly.  I should say, we did not realize this until the boat was too far from shore to return with what we had.  I quickly gave up the possibility we would get the boat back, so I let Henry drive the boat around and around until we lost the radio signal.

As we were getting ready to abandon the boat, a fisherman stopped and offered to help us retrieve the boat.  He made a few casts before realizing that he needed to get his other fishing rod.  He cast and cast and cast, walking around the bank as the current pushed the boat towards the back of the lake.  Then, he started hitting the boat and reeling it closer and closer.

Henry was very curious about the process, and we a little surprised at how our day ended.  In the end, we thanked the gentleman and went on our way.


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