I think I did it!

I think I survived 2016.

2016 is supposed to be the worst year ever according to many, but I resolved to make the most out of 2016 with my Henry and I would like to think I did that.

Henry I had a great first day of the new year.  Today, we shared our first donut holes.  As a kid, my Mom had no problem spending a little extra to get me the donut holes.  I did the same today.

I am not sure Henry is sold on donut holes (not yet), but he did enjoy flying the plane and hitting the playground afterwards.

When I asked, Henry was able to name all the parts of the plane except for the cockpit, which he referred to as the pock-pit and then pit-cock.  Eventually, he got it.

I asked Henry what his plan was to fly the plane far and long.  He paused and then said he was going to fly the plane super-super high.  He also remarked on the blue sky.



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