I am not one to believe that the year 2017, or any other year for that matter, is anything more than just another socially determined measurement of time composed of 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days and so on…

But if I were to apply the seemingly conventional wisdom that 2016 was a phenomenon, I might be very concerned about 2017 so far.  I am not.

The day started off great…

Henry woke up early and made his usual requests for panpakes before eventually agreeing to go out for breakfast.  The restaurant was not one to write home about, so I decided that we needed a follow-up.  Hiking was out of the question as it had been raining all morning, but Lone Elk Park, one of the many jewels in the St. Louis County Parks crown, is always open and can be experienced without leaving the car.

I drove our Jeep through the park as we enjoyed the sights and sounds of the deer, elk and bison.  At one point, we drove up to a young bison who was hanging near another older bison.  This prompted Henry to suggest that the baby bison loves his mommy

Everything was great until the end when I parked the Jeep so that we could climb the lookout tower.  The Jeep would not start.

As much as I might complain about the day and the year and so on, I had a very good day with Maman and Henry.  And, just as with the fisherman who helped us fish out the boat, I was reminded of the good in people as a family stopped by to assist with a jump…a group of hikers stopping by just minutes later.  The friendly park ranger…  Our friend who drove out from her home to bring everyone back to the house.  The good in people on full display for Henry to see.

Henry, remember this as you move throughout the world.  The generosity you witnessed today.

Remember, January 2, 2017 is just another day in another year.  Every moment is a new moment for renewal…


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