Definitely frustrating

As an addendum to the previous post, I must say that last night was more frustrating than usual.

It started with our third failed attempt to get new shoes.  Our local shoe store closes at 7:00 pm, but a salesman locked the door as we pulled in to the parking lot.  The official time: 6:56 pm.  As I made the turn in the to the side parking lot, it became clear that I needed to park in the front lot instead (that would have made it obvious to both parties that he was locking the door), but alas…

I was frustrated to say the least and I do not make good decisions when I am frustrated.  Next, we drove to the local outdoor co-op which has shoes, though I new there was little chance we would find the right shoes.

Our visit started well, but as Henry continued his game of run and hide, I became more and more frustrated.  I eventually extracted Henry from the store and took a few minutes to explain the rules.  Dad decides!

Henry and I talked through our emotions.  I was mad and I was afraid he would be sad in response.  Henry was sorry and was happy that we were together.  We agreed that we would just let it go.  Eventually we recovered and went in to Whole Foods for ice cream.

Ice cream solves all problems…

I love that Henry has a stubborn side, but it is challenging.  He is so strong and is so bendable, for lack of a better word.  He is basically an escape artist no matter how I try to hold him.  In those moments when I need him to follow my lead, it can be very difficult.


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